Tuesday, July 9, 2013

We (Summer Students and myself) took a field trip to the Crooked Bush near Mayfair, Sk.  This naturally occurring phenomenon was easily located by following a map that is distributed from the Tourist Information Booth in Spiritwood.  A decent (given the wet conditions this season) gravel road led us in straight lines off Highway #378, through the small community of Mayfair (don't expect to shop or dine in Mayfair) and down a couple of right turns to the site of the Crooked Trees.  The photos don't do this special gem of nature justice, but I added them anyway!  Also, you can read Kiera's account of the trip - Jordan took plenty more pictures - and if we had known about the picnic table and outdoor facilities in this tranquil setting, we would have packed a lunch.  To see more of our photos, visit www.nledc.com gallery.

'My trip to the Crooked Trees was a very great experience. I saw an amazing part of nature. The ways the trees intertwine and twist is mystical. Walking on the path through the bushes was an eerie but beautiful sight at the same time.

The trees are a complete mystery of nature. “Some say flying saucers flew over the area and changed the chemistry of the earth beneath the roots.”

All work done at the Crooked Trees is voluntary and the Tourism Committee of Hafford is working hard to preserve it. The Crooked Trees have been nominated for one of the Seven Wonders of Canada out of 25 000 nominated it placed the top 52.

I hope to go back to the Crooked Trees again and spend a longer period of time exploring all of the wonders the trees have to offer.' - Kiera Andres, Summer Student at Tourist Info Booth

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