Friday, November 25, 2011


Welcome to NLEDC Presents!  This will be the place where you will find us posting articles and newsletter with anything related to business and community development. 
Economic Development is about more than just business.  It is about how to create a strong economy where there is a constant exchange of resources.  Products and services are offered and received, and monetary resources are exchanged.  Businesses meet the needs of customers, and consumers enjoy the benefits from the products and services provided.  This exchange trickles throughout the community through employment, additional spending, and around and around it goes. 

As the NLEDC matures, we will be working hard to bring you value and facilitate business relationships for the greater good of the area.    Our passion for business and ensuring that consumers have a positive experience within our region will shine through the articles and newsletters that you will read on this site. 

We hope that you bookmark our page and return often.