Monday, March 5, 2012


There comes a time when a small-town Saskatchewan community has to ask a most important question:  how is our hockey rink feeling?  The heart of the community beats many days and nights within the frosty walls of the beloved facility, and attention must be paid when an old archrib arena is feeling the effects of heavy use and age. 

Built in 1967, the Centennial Arena has hosted countless events – summer and winter – and has seen many visitors.  Renamed after two RCMP officers gave their lives while protecting our community, the current Cameron-Bourdages arena has reached the end of its current use.  A committee of volunteers hosted public meetings and then proceeded down the arduous path of obtaining funding, and a government program allotment was the catalyst for the construction of the new arena we are using this winter.  The volunteering is far from over, however.  We must now pay the balance of the hefty invoice, which will be primarily achieved through fundraising.

Just as the community leaders funded the 1967 project, so we will offer events, contests, auctions, rallies and lotteries in order to provide incentive to support our new arena efforts.  Corporate sponsorship may be solicited through naming rights, but the ongoing costs related to insurance and maintenance will require money above what is generated of a user-pay schedule.  To that end, our fundraising committee has launched the Spiritwood Recreational Lottery.  Between February and July of 2012 we will sell 3000 tickets in a lottery that provides excellent odds of winning a high-value prize.  With generous corporate sponsorship from Martodam Motors, Spiritwood and District Chamber of Commerce, Northern Lakes Economic Development Corp. and the majority of Spiritwood’s business community, we will raise substantial funds for our arena while raising awareness of our community at the same time.  In keeping with the ideal recreational nature of our area, we are proud to be offering items of the sort that get us through the work week in anticipation of the weekends – truck, camper, boat, quads and CASH! 

Being from a great place to live, work and play is a blessing for which I am thankful.  Helping to ensure our town remains vibrant and alive is a privilege, and knowing that our efforts are being directed to maintaining one of the primary recreation facilities in the community is greatly rewarding.  Thanks to the planning committee who saw the daunting project through to this point – we, our children and our visitors will enjoy the fruits of your labor for many years to come.

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